I was born in the Comoros Islands to a Comorian father and a Vietnamese-Yemenite Mother and have been living in Paris, France, almost my whole adult life (1+ year in London).

An amateur travel portrait and street photographer, I was marked as a young man by the visual universe of Wong Kar Wai (Chungking Express, Fallen Angels…) and Christopher Doyle, his director of photography. In addition to its unique poetic atmosphere, Wong Kar Wai has also a unique way to talk about time and about things that will not last.  I guess many travel photographers can relate to that…

“When did everything start having an expiration date?”
Cop 223, Chungking Express

Slowly, I am trying to build a series of photos that could be scenes from an ongoing movie shot all over the world. A movie that would show how different characters in different countries share the same humanity and the same roots, often unbeknownst to them. I hope this can lead us to question ourselves on what national identity really means in a world made of melted cultures.

Amazing artists such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, Steve McCurry, David Alan Harvey, Alex Webb, and many others inspire me by the power of their messages hidden in their seemingly mere aesthetic works.

The very classic composition of my photos, almost always shot in the streets using existing natural or urban lighting, is a very conscious choice: it’ a way to make my work more accessible, including to the people I shoot.

When I’m not shooting, I run Goshaba, an HR Tech company that tries to make a more inclusive world through the use of cognitive science and video games.